Sunday, April 21, 2013

Feeling the Heat

I have been meaning to give my old Samsung X60s a service for a while; ever since I originally set the machine up as a combined home security system and media centre in fact. The system had always been a bit noisy and this had become much worse of late. Today I booted the machine up in order to listen to some music and after running for a few minutes it powered off without warning. Switching the machine on again resulted in the same outcome.

I pulled the machine out of it's dock and booted it up a third time, this time I simply switched to another virtual console just to quickly check the syslog file. There I found the following message:

Apr 21 13:56:20 media-centre kernel: [ 372.609087] Critical temperature reached (97 C), shutting down.

So, I had to bite the bullet and take apart the machine to try and clean out the dust. I thought I'd take some pictures to document the process: