Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Blog is Back!

I am resurrecting this blog after an absence of a couple of years! Back when I founded my own company, AzTek Native Ltd., I migrated all the content from here over to the new blog. Since then, I had written a few consumer-tech related posts on the company blog, but mostly I had been focusing on DevOps, infrastructure automation, etc. A few months back I realised that I was diluting the company message, but I still wanted to be able to write about the stuff I enjoy tinkering with in my spare time, hence the decision to bring this site back online. Even with the occasional consumer-related posts being made, I still have some updates that I probably should mention here. I may get around to writing individual posts for each of them, but for now, I'll just list 'em off:
  • I bought an MSI Geforce GTX 970 Gaming 4GB to replace my Sapphire Radeon 6950.

  • I managed to finally overclock my i5-4670K after isolating the heat dissipation issue.

  • My wife and I had our disused garage converted into a new home office, where we can both work and play side-by-side.

  • I bought myself an HTC Vive...

Oh, and there's one other, pretty important thing... My wife and I are expecting (hence the new office construction)!!