Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting Twitchy - Fixing Flash Video and Twitch TV on Cyanogenmod 7.2

I've been very pleased with my CyanogenMod installation, apart from one bug; Flash video did not play correctly, preventing me from watching streams on Twitch TV. Every time I tried to watch a stream, the video would fail to load and I would get booted back to the app's main screen.

I found a lot of people online suggesting a fix that involved changing the permissions for the Flash plugin configuration; there's a YouTube video and posts on the CyanogenMod and XDA Developer forums describing the steps. However, this fix didn't work for me and I was fairly sure that simply updating the Flash player would resolve the issue.

Finding the latest version of Flash player turned out to be rather difficult, since Adobe withdrew it from the Play store. Fortunately, I was directed by another CyanogenMod forum post to the Adobe Flash archive download page, where I was able to locate an apk for my build of Android (Gingerbread).