Monday, December 16, 2013

Home Improvements: RJ45 Connections

A month or two ago, myself and my Dad spent some time installing some RJ45 connections in order to run cables between our lounge and garage, where I have my server cage. Here's a few pics I took during the process:

In the lounge, I wanted the sockets flush with the wall for aesthetic reasons. This involved drilling and chiselling out a square shaped hole to fit the back box. Here's a pic after routing the first cable through the wall:

Once I'd run through the four cables, I attached the RJ45 modules to the ends using an RJ45 punch down tool :

The back boxes in the garage are surface mounted, as I wasn't as fussed about the finished look. The reason they ended up being mis-aligned was due to the two holes that were punched through the wall being too close for the access holes at the rear of the boxes:

And finally, the finished installation in the lounge, which look pretty awesome if I do say so myself: