Sunday, October 9, 2011

Caspian Border Screen Caps

Ever since I pre-ordered Battlefield 3 several months ago I've been looking forward to the 64 player maps with the wide array of vehicles to choose from. I rarely played smaller maps in Battlefield 2 and larger-scale action is what attracted me to ARMA 2. I've been playing a bit of the Beta over the last couple of weeks and while I really enjoyed Operation Metro, I was ecstatic when Dice and EA announced that they'd be opening up the Caspian Border map for the final weekend; it's what Battlefield is all about for me. Not only that, but I've since found that I tend to come out of rounds on the Conquest map with a higher score! I had been very worried about how my PC would handle the game, but it seems to perform well while at the same time look amazing. Interestingly though, the game has only been averaging around 20 frames-per-second. However, I think the issues are more down to lag; I saw several people complaining in-game about the same thing. Here's a few screen grabs that I took while playing Caspian Border: